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29/04/11 - Commentary on the Draft Annual Plan 2011/12

The Future of Christchurch Hospital March-April 2011

WCRA have attended a number of meetings associated with this consultation. As part of the consultative process two options have been put forward by the Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (The Trust).

Option One is for all current outpatient services to remain at Christchurch. This is the option that we strongly support. As at the 5th April 2011 the Trust had received over 1,700 voting slips in favour of this option against 30 for Option Two

Option Two is for all current services to move to Bournemouth except blood testing. The remainder of the site would become an old people’s village including assisted living homes and possibly key worker or other housing. What residents don’t want is yet another McCarthy and Stone style development on the site

Both options include welcome proposals for a GP practice (supported by The Grove surgery), a pharmacy and NHS dental care (a new serviced has already opened near the Howard centre) on site.

Under Option Two the future of the Macmillan Unit is uncertain. Again, there is in our experience a strong majority view that it should be retained at Christchurch. Neil Williams, fund raiser for the Macmillan Trust, supports this view as do local GP practices. In our view, and the view of others, any suggestion that palliative care should be turned into a home-delivered service should be strongly resisted.

The Trust claims that the two options will have an identical impact upon patient care and Trust finances. It has given public assurances that they do not wish to sell the Christchurch site where they will retain the existing buildings and will not build upon the grounds at the front of the site. The Trust believes that parking problems at Bournemouth can be ameliorated (many people have complained not just about the shortage of space but also about the current level of charging)

It is known that large hospitals are being put under pressure to specialise (maternity at Poole for example). The potential impact of that upon these plans is not entirely clear.

A number of changes that are imminent are not part of this consultation.

The stroke rehabilitation unit is moving to Bournemouth in autumn 2011 but with a 33% reduced capacity of 38 beds as against the current 56 beds

Orthopaedic rehabilitation will become a home-delivered service at a date to be determined. Where a patient’s domestic situation is not suitable for such course of action the patient will be accommodated at either St Leonards Hospital or the Broadwater residential support centre at Tuckton. At every meeting that we attended there was a strong public feeling (including local GP practices) that home based treatment is not satisfactory and the current facility at Christchurch should remain. Many people believe such home based care will prove more expensive to run and will be affected by funding issues

Janet Robson

April 2011