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Shoreline Management

At a progress meeting held 23rd March 2009 it was announced that 2,363 Christchurch properties are at risk over the next 100 years (Poole 4,500 and Bournemouth 545). Maps and up to date comments are available on the website www.channelcoast.org. In producing the new plan, which is scheduled to be complete later this year, many local factors will be taken into account including the tidal limit of our rivers and the amount of residual water in Christchurch Harbour at certain tides. Information was primarily provided by Professor Andy Bradbury who produced a Flood Risk Map of the coastline. It was emphasised that the team were still in the information gathering stage but the following points were made.

  1. The local areas most affected are Christchurch and Poole Bays.
  2. The original life of the current coastal defences was 50yrs, which in some cases has already expired.
  3. There is some erosion throughout the bay but we do benefit from beach replenishment from other areas such as Poole and Bournemouth, which results in material being washed up at Mudeford and Hengistbury Head. The beach studies are ongoing
  4. The recharge of beaches at Bournemouth protects the cliffs.
  5. Stanpit Marsh and other SSSI sites will naturally relocate. As the water levels rise, higher ground will become the new salt marsh sites.

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