Jumpers and St Catherine's Hill Community Information


83 Hillside Drive, Christchurch, Dorset BH23 2SZ 07491 638978

  1. Name: The name of the organisation is the Jumpers and St Catherine's Hill Residents Association business name registration number 2298756

  2. Objectives: to promote the civic amenities and general welfare of Christchurch and its inhabitants; to arrange public meetings to discuss local problems and other matters of concern to residents; to take such action as seems necessary to promulgate these objectives and to safeguard the existence of the Association.

  3. Membership: membership is open to any household within the wards of Jumpers and St Catherine's Hill.

  4. Annual General Meeting: The Association will hold an Annual General Meeting in April of each year at which the annual accounts will be distributed to those in attendance. Voting at the Annual General Meeting will only be open to member households and will be limited to one vote per household

  5. The Executive Committee:
    5.1     The Association will be managed by an Executive Committee of not less than five and not more than ten suitable members.
    5.2     The initial Executive Committee comprised those members of the West Christchurch Residents Association Executive Committee who created this Association when the West Christchurch Residents Association was forced to close.
    5.3     New members of the Executive Committee will be invited to join by the existing Executive Committee and subsequently ratified by the membership at an annual general meeting.

  6. Funding: funding will be by subscription of an agreed annual sum collected from member households. The sum for any year will be proposed by the Executive Committee and ratified at an annual general meeting.

  7. Proof of Membership: on payment of the annual subscription the member household will be given a pre-numbered receipt that will act as proof of membership.

  8. Officers: The Executive Committee will appoint from within its ranks a Chairman; a General Secretary; a Treasurer; a Membership Secretary; such other Officers as may from time to time be required.

  9. Web Site: The Association will maintain the website www.wcresidents.co.uk

  10. Executive Committee Meetings:
    10.1     The Executive Committee will meet as and when required.
    10.2     Minutes of the meetings will be posted to the association's website.
    10.3     At all meetings the Executive Committee must strive for consensus but if voting is required, it will be by simple majority with the Chairman or Chairwoman having an additional casting vote.
    10.4     The presence of at least one Officer and three other members of the Executive Committee shall constitute a quorum.

  11. Frequency of Newsletters: E-mail newsletters will be produced as necessary but at least monthly. Paper based newsletters will be produced as necessary but always in the spring and autumn of each year

  12. Bank Account:
    12.1     The Association will maintain an account to process its financial transactions with a regulated bank or building society.
    12.2     The Chairman and a nominated Officer will be responsible for maintaining the account.
    12.3     The Association must not place its bank accounts into overdraft.
    12.4     The decision to change to another institution must be decided and minuted at an Executive Committee meeting.

  13. Financial Control of Expenses:
    13.1     All payments to third parties must be pre-authorised by a minute at an Executive Committee meeting and supported by an invoice.
    13.2     The Secretary will make payment against the invoice by e-banking and will pass the invoice plus printed proof of payment to the Treasurer for accounting purposes.

  14. Financial Control of Membership Contributions and Donations:
    14.1     The Membership Secretary will manage the Association's collectors and newsletter distributors.
    14.2     Membership Contributions and Donations obtained by the collectors will be passed to the General Secretary for banking. The collection amounts will be supported by the collector's control sheets.
    14.3     The General Secretary will bank the donations and send a confirming e-mail to the Treasurer and Membership Secretary whilst filing the collector's control sheets.
    14.4     Bank Account Statements will be passed to the Treasurer who will reconcile them against collections banked and invoices paid.

  15. Accounts:
    15.1     The Treasurer will prepare monthly accounts for the Executive Committee which, once approved, will be posted to the website.
    15.2     The Treasurer will prepare Annual Accounts that will be approved by the Executive Committee before the Chairman and Treasurer sign them as a true and accurate representation and post them to the website by the following 31st March.

  16. Financial Year: The Associations financial year will run from 1st January to 31st December of each year.

  17. Insurance: The association will maintain Community Group Insurance to cover public meetings, management committee meetings, collection of donations, distribution of paper based newsletters.

  18. Chairman's Report: The Chairman will prepare an annual report in January of each year to cover the preceding 12 months. The report will be posted to the website.

  19. Public Meetings: The Association will arrange public meetings as and when required.